AERBOX Sanitization and air decontamination module in VMC installations


AERBOX is an advanced sanitization system that uses the physical phenomenon of ionization to promote and controlled formation of particular electrically charged species in the air through an electrostatic field. The ionic species produced are particularly effective as sanitizing agents in air and on surfaces. AERBOX consists of the AERONIX sanitization module and a STAINLESS STEEL distribution plenum box, to be installed in the mechanical ventilation systems. The three available models are distinguished by the size of the main connection and by the number of polypropylene couplings installed.

AERBOX can be installed in any ventilation system and is designed for the air purification and decontamination from viruses, mold, bacteria, pollen as well as fumes and odors.

The module is very efficacious to prevent or eliminate the formation of bacterial colonies and moulds in air ducts.

AERBOX sanitizes air and surfaces constantly, without negative effects on materials, eliminates odours and improves environmental comfort. In the workplace it guarantees the healthiness of the air as required by the regulations for the safety of workers. DL.81/2008.


The outstanding features of AERBOX are:

• high efficiency: reduction of viral, microbial and volatile organic compounds up to 99 %;
• low energy consumption: 20VA;
• strong deodorising action: eliminates odours from the air in circulation;
• natural treatment: does not use or produce residual chemicals.

The sanitization module consists of the ionizing units placed in the air flow, and a control electronics, contained within an insulating casing.

The electronics in the module is designed to send output signals useful to signal maintenance warnings and possible anomalies.

There is the RS485 serial interface with Modbus protocol for querying and programming the main parameters and for remote diagnosistic.

The coupling for the connection to the corrugated pipe are made of polypropylene and thanks to a quick coupling system are perfectly interchangeable between the diameter 63 mm (standard) and 76 mm (accessory). In addition, the standard 63 mm diameter coupling are complete with an externally controllable butterfly damper for a simple and effective calibration of the system.

The 76 mm diameter sleeves are also predisposed for the butterfly damper, which is supplied on request.
Each model is prearranged for the application of 4 more side couplings, 2 for each tight side.


The AERBOX module can be used in any type of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system with an air flow rate until 500m³/h, for example: in supply air flow from the heat recuperator, or controlled through the RS485 serial communication.


Price list distribution box for AERBOX

Item normally available from stock
model nominal dimensions main connection ØD nominal
connection no. optional connection price
mm mm
L x H x B mm euro
AERBOX-463 270 x 401 x 200 125 4 4 a.r.
AERBOX-663 390 x 401 x 200 160 6 4 a.r.
AERBOX-863 510 x 401 x 200 160 8 4 a.r.

Price list accessories

Item normally available from stock
Description Euro
Additional spigot for flex duct internal Ø 63 mm for 5 pieces package 24,29
Additional spigot for flex duct internal Ø 75 mm for 5 pieces package 24,29
Regulation damper for connections diameter 63 mm or 75 mm for 5 pieces package 14,56
Closing cups connection to EASY BOX for 5 pieces package 14,56

Ionizing tubes kit:

Item normally available from stock
Description Euro
Ionizing tubes kit for AERBOX a.r.
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