Sales conditions

These general sales conditions are applied to any present or future contract or sale and service supply addressed to the Customer. Ecoclima srl reserves the right to meet with the Customer on any particular further condition expressly stated in the offer or in the order confirmation. By sending an order, the Customer accepts the general terms of Ecoclima srl. In any case, Ecoclima srl doesn’t consider itself subject to terms or contractual conditions proposed by the Customer. Any derogation or integrative condition and term to these general sales conditions will be valid only when expressly accepted by Ecoclima srl with the order confirmation.

The orders sent by the Customer should be put into writing form and will be subject to the approval of Ecoclima srl. The contract will be validly completed, binding on the parties, when orders are confirmed by Ecoclima srl with an order confirmation sent to the Customer. The order confirmation indicates the description of the products, the price, the payment terms, the delivery time and place, the quantity and the applied sales conditions. Any order modification or cancellation request should be sent in written form. Ecoclima will have the right to accept or refuse the modification or cancellation request and to apply any price increase or cost in the case of approval.
All prices are net of VAT or any other fiscal charge, with ex-works clause. The transport costs will be ex-Ecoclima srl and will be charged in the invoice, except for eventual agreements. Ecoclima srl it’s free to adjust the agreed prices in the case of price increase of raw material, except as the Customer’s right to and the contract.

Except in the presence of different indication in the order confirmations or the invoice issued by Ecoclima srl, all invoices should be payed to Ecoclima within the given terms. The payment should be done within the agreed deadline and if the Customer won’t respect that terms, Ecoclima srl will apply interests rate calculated in the manner prescribed by D.L. 231/2002 and D.L. 192/2012 of the Italian regulation. Any delay lets Ecoclima srl to suspend and/or cancel further orders without prejudice to its other rights. In the event of non-payment, Ecoclima srl is authorized to proceed with legal actions in order to protect its credit and to claim compensation for damages.

The goods travel at risk of the Customer, even with carriage free clause. The Customer should check the integrity of packaging and the correspondence of the number of packages at the moment of delivery. The goods given to the carrier will be insured only when the Customer sends a written request. Any complaint concerning the delivered goods, to be valid, should be detailed and communicated by certified mail or registered letter to Ecoclima srl no later than eight days after the goods receipt. In any case the Customer should make reserve with a possible compensation of damages to the carrier when receiving the goods if the complaint concerns the packaging or the number of items.

The delivery time has to be considered indicative and not strictly scheduled. In any case, delays in the delivery of the goods to the Customer couldn’t give the right to damage compensation, contract cancellation or payment delay. In the case of delivery delays caused by force majeure situations (supply difficulty, interruption in electric power, weather events, strikes or lock-outs, etc.) Ecoclima srl won’t be responsible and will be free to decide the appropriate measures.

Returned goods are not accepted without authorization. Any returned product, limited to stock material, should be previously approved by Ecoclima srl. Authorized returned products should be bring back to Ecoclima srl at the Customer’s expense, unless expressly otherwise agreed. The value of the product will be accredited to the Customer after a depreciation of 20% to cover administrative, control and storage costs.
The products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12 months after the delivery date. Any defect should be immediately communicated in written form to Ecoclima srl during the guarantee period to determine the possible causes. The defective products will be pass into the seller’s property and should be bring back to Ecoclima srl at the Customer’s expense. The guarantee is limited to the repair or the replacement of the defective product and it’s not extended to faults that might occur by irregular installation, improper use or lack of care. Ecoclima has not liabilities related to any kind of product repair if not agreed in advance by a signed document with acceptance.  
The guarantee does not respond for:
-damages caused by improper installation or cabling, including incorrect power supply;
-products that have been in some way modified or tampered;
-products from which the identifying label has been removed.

Ecoclima srl is the owner of the delivered products until the actual payment of all the prices represented by the principal amount and the accessory costs. In the case of partial or total non-payment of the price within the terms due to any cause, Ecoclima will have the right to claim possession of the products without formal procedures and at the Customer’s risk and expense. In that case, the Customer will undertake to participate in the drafting of the inventory of those products.
The Court of Padua in Italy has exclusive competence for the disputes resulting from this contract.